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I currently live and work in west London from home and I am also into keeping fit such as running and practising basic Yoga. I also have taught art to adults part time.

My main practice involves painting with oils on canvas, linen and board. 

I start with a basic study of a composition idea, take it further as a small watercolour painting as a final idea and then develop it more as the finished oil painting.

I use photographs to create a visual reality that can be convincing at times and especially if I want to get the likeness of a person’s face.

Using photographs to work from has been good for me because it has taught me to use observational skills and improve them.

A lot of what I now paint is something that I have mainly taught myself.

I enjoy painting a lot because it gives the imagery more colour and character as well as being hands on.


2017 Solo Show Muse Gallery, London 

2017 Candid Art Show, London 

2016 Modern Panic Art Show 

2016 East West Artist Award La Galleria Pall Mall 

2015 Hidden Treasure Art Magazine 

2015 East West Artist Award La Galleria Pall Mall 

Achievements and Awards

2011 EWACC Award art show in La Galleria Pall Mall, Piccadilly. Ist Grand Prize. 

2010 Artist talk at Centre Academy, Clapham 

2010 Front cover of ICA Contemporary, New York.


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