Adriana Doi 


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My Work

After studying Mural Art in high-school, I decided to continue my journey with Fine Art at Art University in Timisoara,Romania. 

My interest in Art has always been very strong and I love experimenting with varied branches, mediums and techniques of this field. 

I've been through periods when I was more interested in street Art, oil painting, watercolour and now I love to combine most of the skills I've learned & apply them into the digital world.

 I am still learning new things everyday and I am grateful to have the time and passion to continue my practice. 

My main interest at the moment is to create illustrations related to nature and to encourage the compassion and understanding of what surrounds us. 


About me

My life took me into so many unexpected places and it's been such an interesting journey. 

I am a Romanian, living in London at the Buddhist Center Kagyu Samye Dzong, where I also work part-time as a painter. I also work part-time as an Art teacher assistant, where I help adults who have phisical disabilities learn more about painting and decorating pottery. 

In my spare time, I usually draw, paint and work on other artistic projects, I hold some Art workshops for kids from time to time and sometimes I make stuff like brooches and paint bags.

 I live with my boyfriend and we both love to hang out either in our lovely room or to take very long walks. 


  • Kagyu Samye Dzong "Interpretation of the six Bardos of life and death" - 2016 collaboration with RADU 
  • Urban Collectors "Pink orange vs. Porn Monsters" - 2015 personal exhibition 



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