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About me

I was born in Salvador, a beautiful and inspiring city in the Northeast of Brazil. I'm currently based in London.

I started painting at the age of 13, figurative themes with an impressionist style in an art school. Painting was my first contact with many materials and ways of artistic expression. 

I had always been very creative and enjoyed computers. So for that reason, I decided to study Advertising and chose Art Directing as my career. 

I started painting abstract art, as my defined style, twelve years ago. 


My Work

I am Brazilian and these roots are reflected on my art; vibrant, colourful, tropical and full of energy.

Every painting I make is a portrait of my unconscious, my thoughts, my feelings. There’s no explanation, no specific meaning about what I do. The purpose of my work is touching people in different and particular ways so each one can experience it by their own vision and emotions.

My influences are Picasso, Kandinsky, Pollock, Miró and Romero Britto. 



• CONNECTIONS TO THE MIND (solo exhibition) - Willesden Gallery 

• Take The Floor - Chelsea Theatre 

• Exhibit Here’s 2016 Art Maze Exhibition - Oxo Tower 

• Islington Art & Design Fair - Candid Arts Trust 

• Parallax Art Fair - Chelsea Old Town Hall 

• #Tribe16 International Arts Festival - Ugly Duck



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