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My Work

My work has always focused on the play on light and how this is reflected on organic and artificial materials. 

I am currently developing a series of work inspired from my recent travels to India and have started to include people in my paintings and drawings, which is a departure from my previous work which was devoid of any figurative image. 

I find that I have recently started working straight onto canvas or paper without colouring the background or by using only a single colour for the background. 

The figures in my Indian inspired paintings and drawings are captured in their daily activity and motion, going about their business. I aim to capture how light plays off against their bodies and clothes, evoking the very rich colours that are associated with India. I usually sketch on site and take photographs and then return to a studio environment in London to develop the original sketches and drawings into paintings. 

In the last 2 years, I have moved away from oil to acrylic and have also experimented with watersoluble colour pencils and ink pens, the latter especially for in situ work. 



  • Menier Gallery, Exhibit Here Summer Exhibition 2015
  • "All Colors" - Contemporary Art Gallery Online Exhibition, Minesota, U.S.A 
    November 2016
  • Not the Royal Academy, Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London,                 7th June - 20th August 2016


  • British Women Artists 2015 Open Competition (shortlisted) 


About Me

I was born in Paris, France and grew up in a Franco-Indian household that was artistic and creative. Travel has always been part of my life from childhood and I was lucky enough to experience different cultures from an early age. I currently live and work in London. 

I previously worked in the corporate world, having been responsible for a team managing multi-million pound international accounts in a large market research agency. However a few years ago, I decided on a career change and took the plunge to follow my passion in art. I therefore retrained and took a foundation course in Arts & Design at the City & Guilds School of Arts in London. 

When not focusing on my own practice, I teach at an arts studio in Chelsea that I set up with two artist friends. We teach adults and children in all 2D media, as well as taking students out into the city for clean air drawing and painting. I also have a core of private clients that I teach on a one-to-one basis. 

Aside from travelling, discovering new places, meeting new people and experiencing new environments, I love hanging out with my friends and trying out new restaurants and coffee establishments (I am a coffee addict!). I also try to visit as many galleries and exhibitions as I can and will always have my nose in a book, especially crime thrillers (Philip Kerr and Tom Rob Smith are current favorite authors) or history books, particularly those on the Romanov and Soviet eras). 


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