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The Artist's Work

Anna Dean is an artist, writer and performer who works between the dialectics of gender and (e)motion. 

Her fine art practice focuses on drawing, ink work and video, as well as live performance. 

The subjects of Anna's drawings are mostly women, artists, and queer icons. Her work explores feeling, faith and personality through portraits often held in medias res. 

Her video's run sound and motion alongside each other, interested in the space between word and thought, feeling and action. 


About the Artist

London has been Anna's home her entire life, it's people and spaces hold her heart and inspiration. 

She has recently completed her degree at Queen Mary University of London and hopes to return to study MA Theatre and Performance. Currently, 

Anna is focused on creating solo and collaborative performance work, writing for stage and performance, alongside her research into reclaiming witchcraft in contemporary feminist performance. 


Exhibitions and Events

Fine art exhibited at: Puderraum: Berlin, (2017)

5th Base Gallery, London, (2016). 

Hundred Years Gallery, London, (2015). 

Performer: SIC women, Sisters in Craft, The Hive, Dalston (2017). 

BLUEBUSH, First Flights, Peopling The Palace, Queen Mary, (2017). 

Also frequent performances throughout degree. 

Most recent: 

Hearticulation: Effect/Affect (All Flowers in Time) 3 video installation, durational live performance. 


Director, Playwright and Producer: Eve, Queen Mary Theatre Company (QMTC), RR3, Queen Mary University of London, (2016).

Actor: Music Halls, Wiltons Music Hall, (2016). The Maids (2016), Lady Parts (2015), Top Girls, (2015) and Headache (2015) all QMTC, The Pinter Theatre, Queen Mary University.

Synergy, Crowded Nest Theatre Company, Space 53 Surgeons Hall, Edinburgh Fringe, (2013).

BA English and Drama 1st Class Honours. 


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