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My Work

Hi, I'm Tony. My work consists primarily of drawings of heads and figures that I make collages from to create screenprints. As a way to simplify my work I also make Inkblots creating the screen print separations using ink on folded paper and produce photographs using mirrored effects that seem to relate to my drawings. 

My style is influenced by the artwork of tribal/ancient cultures but has modern reference points such as Comic and Street Art and what is being called Pop Surrealism. 

When drawing I create a kind of controlled doodle with which I have filled over 50 sketchbooks. I then use screen printing to add colour and backgrounds. I aim to make visually arresting images, which speak to the viewer on an unconscious level. 


About Me

I have lived in Peckham since 1988 and worked at Camberwell College of Art since 1999 as a Specialist Screenprinting Technician and I do the same job at UCA Farnham 3 days a week.

My family all live fairly local and I am very family orientated. I visit the Gym 4 days a week for swimming etc. and am a keen cyclist and motorcyclist. I am a keen tv fan with a thing for gangster films and Family Guy


My work is in the print racks of: 

  • The Underdog Art Co. Gallery (London Bridge) 
  • The Ben Oakley Gallery (Greenwich) 
  • The Nancy Victor Gallery (Fitzrovia) 

I showed at all three places in 2015. 

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