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I live in London and currently work part time for a well known natural health and wellbeing retailer. 

In my spare time, I work on my art business, adding more work to my portfolio, and practise yoga. 

I'm a member of the UKCPS (UK Coloured Pencil Society). 

Aside from those activities, I absolutely adore Cinema! Any chance I get, I love to see classics, and blockbusters and World Cinema (my favourite genre is Horror). 

As time has passed, I have become more interested and serious about going vegetarian or vegan, for health and ethical purposes. 

I also love to dance, and my goal is to join a dance class or two before the end of this year is up. If I could travel more, I would, as I enjoy learning languages - so far French is my strongest.

I like to draw everyday still life objects in a realistic style, aiming to bring deeper meaning and sense of beauty to the mundane moments in life we take for granted. 

My first two public exhibitions were at University of Kent (Medway campus) where I studied from 2011-2014. In October of 2014, I was part of a week long group exhibition at BAR Gallery in Willesden Green, NW London.

My coloured pencil drawing ''Millenial'' was featured in the Almost Gallery in an edition of Talking Point Magazine (a coloured pencil magazine). 

My work was one of several other applicants' who applied to exhibit at the annual public exhibition (Menier Gallery), but just fell short of making it to the final stage.


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