Canary Wharf Project

Art Fox are exhibiting two collaborative artworks between our Co-Founders, Charlotte and Matt, in Canary Wharf’s shopping centre in a window gallery. 

The window gallery is situated in the Canada Water section, near Waitrose and Hotel Chocolat. Huge thanks to Canary Wharf’s Art & Events for the opportunity.

Paintography: Applying oil paint with palette knives and brushes the paint is used to divide the composition and inject colour into scenes and portraits, adding another layer of expression. The paint making it seem more personal with the way it’s applied by Charlotte adding another perspective. Disturbing the viewer and shattering the illusion that we are quietly observing a scene. Pulling our attention to the tactile surface and smear of texture in front of our eyes.

Watch our works in the making here…. Part Two coming soon…… #artfoxart

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