Peter Brown Exhibition at Victoria Art Gallery, Bath

The Victoria Art Gallery in Bath is a historical and contemporary European and British artworks including Bath artists and Gainsborough. 

They have hosted many incredible exhibitions over the years, including most recently Grayson Perry and Bath Society of Artist, now they are hosting the wonderfully talented Peter Brown. 

The exhibition features over 100 new oil paintings and drawings by artist Peter Brown, who is also known as ‘Pete the Street’ for his habit of painting outdoors in all weathers, plein air.

The exhibits portray scenes in Bath as well as London, Seville, Dublin and even include paintings from his trip to India. He paints the majority of the piece on the street and only adds a few finishing touches when back in his studio. Some of his paintings were the same scenes but painted at different times of day, and some different seasons, which was really interesting to view.

I particularly enjoyed his selection of charcoal drawings, they were a great insight to how he might map out his large-scale paintings of buildings and landscapes. Another personal favourite was the large, showstopping painting of Bath Cathedral titled ‘Pigeons in the rain, Abbey churchyard’ Oil on canvas 152 x 122 cm (see second image below). The cycle track in the painting he said he had invented into the piece as he had seen these tracks many times in London, he decided to incorporate it in and I think it makes the painting.

Author: Charlotte Johnson 

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