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About me

I currently live and work in East Grinstead, a quiet town in the South East. 

When I'm not making work, I draw cartoons for fun and spend a bit too much time playing retro video games.


My work

Carlie Simpkin is interested in depression as a subject. She builds a visual language through various forms with her knowledge of the illness. Photography, text-based images, readymade objects and sound are often amalgamated to form the work. This work tends to juxtapose deep sadness, with coping mechanisms such as humour or satire in such a way that the work could be viewed as a tragic comedy. 

In some works she attempts to simulate the feelings of depression as accurately as possible, in others she creates metaphors which get to the core symptoms of the illness and open up a wider discussion about mental health. Simpkin is fascinated with the 'invisible' nature of psychological pain, and is fuelled by the desire to make these issues somehow easier to comprehend. For any patient, the capacity for language can easily be destroyed when in pain, and oftentimes physical and mental wounds are left untreated or even undiagnosed due to the language barrier of illness. 

Recently, she has been involved with her first solo exhibition 'The Mechanics of Depression' at Hundred Years Gallery. The show brought together 10 selected works that she felt most accurately summed up depression and the impact that it has on people. 



Hundred Years Gallery, London 'The Mechanics of Depression' (Solo show) 

Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton. 'I AM _________' (Contemporary Art Fair) 


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