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My  Work

With my artwork I have been exploring how different marks interact to create an image. The traces that are created in a moment’s action and the traces that are built up over time are the two elements I find particularly interesting. 

I start each piece by creating a set of rules that determine where the marks go and consequently these rules are responsible for the result. Minor differences at the start affect what follows in slightly unpredictable ways, similar to the effects seen in chaos theory. 

Each small mark may look insignificant, but as the marks build up, they form something much more substantial. I liken this to the passage of time, where each second is small but over millennia mountains can form.  


About Me

I live in Bristol however I currently spend a lot of my time near High Wycombe. 

Aswell as art I enjoy walks, geography, history, science, music, gigs, festivals, film, T.V. books, the natural world, and craft.



  • Four pieces commission for someone’s home; two paintings and two paintings and drawings, these were placed in the living room, kitchen and spare room.
  • OutStanding Achievement Award at Amersham and Wycombe College  
  • Large scale drawing exhibited at Frimley Park Hospital.


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