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I am a truth seeker, so I am trying to find the truth in my work.

Unveiled, un-compromised, real emotion is what I am looking for. Choreography, rhythm and strong vibrant colour play an important part in my work.

I let myself be guided and channel what is trying to emerge. There are no references to portray emotion, I aim to be authentic to my inner landscape.

As a screen printer/sculptor/mould maker/photographer-painter, I am also interested in texture and inverse processes. The tactile, visceral experience is a vital component of my work as well as the colour element, direction (choreography) of the brushstroke and texture and viscosity of the paint.

I aim to express myself as freely as possible. Being present with the moment and the direct experience takes courage and energy. I aim to get in touch with doing through non-doing. Of being effortlessly in the flow.

I also work figuratively but through my abstract work, I have discovered that freedom of expression is as great a skill to achieve as being able to draw well.

The viewers experience interests me. If you feel a sense of catharsis, pleasure, relief, thoughtfulness, exhilaration or if you recognize an emotion you are feeling through looking at my work, joy!, I am rewarded. 



About Me

I live and work in London.

I graduated from Central St. Martin s College of Art.

My favorite artists amongst many others are Albert Oehlen, Katharina Grosse, Sigmar Polke, Jean Michel Basquiat, Kazimir Malevich, El Lissitzky, Rene Margritte, Bill Viola, Mark Rothko and many more.

I am interested in art, architecture, film, dance and in outdoor living. I love swimming, travelling and exploring other countries and cultures. I am at my best when I have an exhibition going. I become a more kind and benevolent person.

I like inviting artists from other disciplines to perform at my Private Views which I stage for my exhibitions.
Two years ago I discovered art therapy and found it very helpful on a professional and personal level, so much so that I feel compelled to pass on the benefits.

I am currently sourcing venues to set up and offer workshops which assist artists and other professionals to achieve full freedom of expression .


Exhibitions UK

2008 Talk and Presentation at Cafe Gallery (CGP), 

Southwark Park, London Inviting other artists to perform at my 

Private views: 2007 Victoria Park Plaza Hotel, Victoria, London, 

Private View: HARDERART EVENTS present a Triple Bill of Opera (Denise Alonso: Haendel, Purcell), 

Contemporary Art (Chris Harder) and Contemporary Writing (Susanne Meis ,” Kinetikus -The Story of a Divine Lover”) 

2006 Rhythm Factory, Music Venue, London, HARDERART EVENTS present: Soprano Denise Alonso sings operatic arias in Italian by Haendel) 

2005 Crypt of St.Peter’s Church, London, HARDERART EVENTS present: Colour therapist Frances Harris talks about the impact of colour in the works of Chris Harder) 

2004 Private Residence, Art & Architecture, Chur, Switzerland (collaboration between architect Sabine Kuppel and artist Chris Harder at the architect s new concept building heated by geo-thermal energy ) 

Exhibitions overseas

Gallery 98TBR, Tower Bridge Rd., London SE1, UK Gallery Michael Heath, Palm Springs, California, USA


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