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My fascination for drawing polluted environments, decaying objects and everyday junk ties in quite nicely with my dissatisfaction with the consumerist world that spends billions of pounds each year trying to encourage us to endlessly consume and fill our homes with stuff in our failed pursuit of happiness. And so my pursuit of happiness, I've found, lies in exposing the flaws in this system with social and political commentary through art. In a playful, and not-so-serious manner, I highlight the devastating effects of society's bad habits on the environment.

And when I don't feel like being so heavy with my subject matter, my work will be a celebration of all the things I love including street art, sugar, the seaside, city vibes, pigeons and endorphin inducing activities. More so, I love context in my work, playing with fun and clever ideas that enable me to provoke thought or evoke emotion in the viewer.

I strive to make my work visually captivating so that it draws you in and allows you to explore the underlying narrative, rather than just be a decoration on the wall. But if I am just making a decoration for the wall, I will make sure it's an exciting one.



About me

I live and work in Folkestone’s Creative Quarter which is a thriving hub for artists on the South East coast. I get to cycle along the seafront on a daily basis for my dose of fresh air and whilst gazing out to France I start to dream of the next road trip across Europe. The town is rife with coffee shops and bars but unfortunately my art has made me somewhat of a recluse. So if I’m ever found sitting in one drinking it’s because I am thirsty for ideas and inspiration. 


  • Chip Shop Group Summer Show - June 2015, Folkestone, Kent
  • What if Gallery Pop-up Exhibition - Bluewater Shopping Centre - August 2015
  • Art Maze Exhibition at Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf - December 2015



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