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My Work

Ripping Landscapes.

I make collages from climbing magazines, photographing and collaging is my thing!  Looking through my lens I see a collage. 

Where I live near the Marshes in Higham always inspires me. Here I tramp the marsh with my camera & sketch book. They focus my attention and allow me to capture details and textures for my pictures. 

My inspiration always comes from nature, being drawn to places were there are not many people. What I love about the Marshes is the wildlife, the grasses, the water, the wide expanses, the ever changing tidal mudflats and that big big sky.  

As an artist, this landscape never fails to inspire me to create pictures with dramatic contrasts, but full of hidden details. I love collage for that reason - I can smuggle in tiny images which make up the whole piece. Take a closer look and you might be surprised by what you find! 



About Me

Community is very important to me and living in Lower Higham we have just that. St Mary’s Church at the end of my road which is now owned by the Churches conservation trust plays a big part, a small group of us run art exhibitions, jazz evenings, film shows, talks in fact you name it and we have done it ! 

The Crows Nest Studio at the top of my house is where most of my work is created I tuck myself away with my music on and start ripping & gluing. 

My garden has developed over the years into a creative paradise of shape colour & textures. 

Yoga & Rock climbing are two activities close to my heart.          


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