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My favourite medium to work with is acrylic. I find that acrylic paints enable me to tackle my primary interests of trying to capture the effects of light and colour. I like the challenge of trying to capture bright colours in both their vividness and their depth, and I love how a shaft of light can a massive dramatic effect on a painting. In turn, my fascination with light and colour has lead to an increasing intrigue into our modern day reliance on technology. 

I often wonder if we are becoming increasingly reliant on photographs and videos as a way of remembering events in our lives. It is as if what we see through computer scenes and televisions is becoming our actual memory and not what we have witnessed with our own eyes. I have tried to express these thoughts and feelings in my work of late by trying to paint everything as if it has been affected by some sort of digital glitch. 

Most of my work starts off from photographs. They are either images I have taken when I have been out and about, or I have had tried to capture scenes from television when the picture has been distorted by some sort of interference. I then edit the photographs further, slightly altering their appearance bit by bit until I come to an image I would like to reproduce as a painting. From there I will make slight changes as I paint until I feel the work is complete. 


About Me

My name is Gerard McGregor and I live in Wallasey, Merseyside, UK. I have lived there all of my life. 

At present I work full time for a company called Acropolis Marble who make marble fireplaces. They are based in Liverpool. Most of my working day is spent cutting marble down to size which is then polished and assembled by masons. Through contacts in work I have had the opportunity to paint images on granite headstones and door plaques which I found an enjoyable experience. 

My spare time is largely dedicated to my painting. When I am not working on my art I like to keep myself fit by running. Music is a huge passion of mine. My favourite artists are David Bowie, Neil Young, The Clash and Blur. I play bass guitar when I can find the time and I read as much as I can. I would have to say that George Orwell is my favourite author. I also like going to the pub to meet up with friends and family, play darts and take part in the weekly quiz. 




  • Menier Gallery, London (Exhibit Here's Summer Exhibition)  28th July - 1st August
  • Oxo Tower Bargehouse, London (Exhibit Here's Art Maze) 15th - 21st Dec
  • Hoylake Promenade, Wirral (Wirral Festival of Firsts, Art on the Promenade) 12th July
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