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My Work

Working primarily in linocut printmaking, I have developed a unique style of work using abstracted architectural motifs. 

The works representational simplicity lends itself to the printmaking medium which I have been fully exploiting, using the boldness of icons to create tension between nature and the man-made, the mundane and the otherworldly.

About me

Born & bred in Manchester, I have always had an eye for architecture, even though it's only in recent years I've come to love the post war concrete towers of my city. 

I have always been a creative, and in truth have always dreamt of living as an artist. It's only now, as I've entered my 30's, have I begun to believe in my potential, and one day hope to escape the heat of the kitchen, which serves as my current artistic outlet! 



'Habitats; Imaginary City I' featured in May 17 edition of Average Art Magazine.


'SAC32 Summer Exhibition' Stretford Public Hall, Manchester.
'Slade Hall Retrospective' Longsight, Manchester. 

Previous Years; 
'The Collection' Marburae Gallery, Macclesfield. 
'Summer Exhibition' Man-Coop Building, Manchester. '
Diversity' Institute of Mental Health, Nottingham. 


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