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My visual ‘Fiber’ art has been developed over the years not only as a ‘Voice’ for climate change issues but for the plight of battery cage hens.

As I aim to reduce my personal carbon footprint and help others too, I choose to create my ‘paintings’ using pre-loved textiles and an old sewing machine. Designing my artwork this way is a visual prompt, and a fun way to educate those with a growing ethical-awareness and wishing to be inspired. Not only do I want to raise an eyebrow in a visualway, but I also wish to encourage a revolution for change, knowing that what I do may set a good example and be a pre-requisite for a life that is cruelty free, wholesome and nurturing a lifestyle for a sustainable future.

I enjoy showcasing my lifestyle on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram as I am very passionate about spreading the ‘word’!



About me

I know that I am privileged to live in a beautiful place like Cornwall. It is inspirational and super magical. I work from home in my studio kitchen with my hens pecking away freely in the garden,  I can watch the chickens through the patio windows; they make me smile and want to ‘paint’ them. With my grandchildren, art and the environment in mind I wish to make a difference and especially for my family. I love to encourage everyone to have a healthy lifestyle in heart, mind, body and soul. 

My art is my lifestyle, I do not like waste. In a world where Everything is ‘disposable’, I wish my grandchildren to grow up appreciating the value of ‘things’ and especially my passion for hens as pets not products.

My four children and their children love to visit, walk to the beaches, enjoying the  open spaces, and often before my grandchildren are dressed in the mornings they want to be out feeding the hens, in their pyjamas and wellies. 

So as a grandmother  I am passionate that I can pass on my skills, values and wholesome principles as we enjoy family time together.

For all these reasons I try to lead by example, up-cycling, creating joy, fun and awareness for a sustainable life!



  • Various newspaper articles and magazines have featured Jane's art and it’s message e.g.: Western Morning News - Nov 25 2014
  • Barefoot Vegan Online magazine July/Aug 2015
  • Jane Gray - Artist - A voice for Ex-Batts
  • My Harborne & Edgbaston Jun/Jul 2015 - A flock of finely-feathered characters
  • Family Office Elite Magazine 17 July 2015 - A Therapy for Life
  • EdgeMagazine 20 July 2015 Birmingham - Harborne Art Gallery to raise awareness for hen welfare with latest exhibition, ‘It’s All About the Hens’.
  • The St Ives Times & Echo September 4 2015 - St Ives showcase leads to Midlands residency for local artist.
  • West Briton newspaper Dec 10 2015 - Cornwall Vegan Festival - photograph of my Art Exhibit 
  • On two occasions in 2015 Jane was interviewed about her art and the hens on Penwith Radio 96.5 & 97.2 FM
  • Star Shapers Ltd congratulated Jane for making a difference in her community as she raises awareness for climate change and the plight of chickens using up-cycled visual art as the ‘Voice’. Jane then received an award for ‘Inspiring Human Potential’.


  • Until the spring of 2015 Jane had her own studio/gallery in St Ives Cornwall. 
  • From August 2015 to October Jane had an exhibition in Harborne Gallery Birmingham called ‘It’s All About The Hens.”
  • Imagination in Bath stock Jane's work.
  • Blas Restaurant St Ives currently exhibit Jane's work along with various other galleries in Cornwall.
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