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About me

My current body of work is named “The Unseen Soul” I have been concentrating on the rules and limitations of the human soul and frustrations felt throughout life, the desire to be a part of something and social constructs we use to transgress through life.

I am interested in the other. Taking a somewhat voyeuristic approach to the subject, I like to question what the viewer is seeing and what indeed the viewer actually sees. The discourse between the viewed and viewer.

I use a range of mixed media, ink, watercolour, acrylic and oil. And in some of my pieces I use hair within the process.

I work intuitively, only remembering what I’ve seen to instruct and guide my process. I like to work knowingly through my subconscious and describe a notion I have felt. Emotional clarity plays a large part in my processes and feel that I work best with music that can establish a memory, time or place. 

2016 Finalist on “The Big Painting Challenge’ BBC One

I currently live and work in Northern Ireland. I have a very happy home life and spend a lot of time out on family days. I play hockey in my spare time but try and get into the studio as much as possible. 



Awards and Recent Exhibitions

  • Christos Gallery Scotland Painting and filming Glasgow school of Art ‘Artist of the month’ Via Northern Ireland Arts Council Number of commissions currently being produced 
  • 2016 Finalist on “The Big Painting Challenge’ BBC One 
  • Painted and exhibited work in London 
  • Painted and Exhibited work on Hastings Pier 
  • Painted and Exhibited work at Whipsnade Zoo 
  • Painted and exhibited work in London National Portrait Gallery
  •  Painted and exhibited work in the Painters Hall London 
  • Painted and exhibited work on the Thames River in London 
  • Worked alongside Pascal Anson and Diana Ali Mentored and critiqued by Daphne Todd OBE, first female President of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and winner of the BP Portrait Award 2010. Lachlan Goudie, Award winning Scottish artist, (son of Alexander Goudie). David Dibosa, Course Leader for MA Curating and Collections at Chelsea College of Arts - he is also a Researcher in University of the Arts London's Research Centre for Transnational Art, Identity and Nation (TRAIN). 

Past Exhibitions

  • Please see website for all press 2015 Paintings in Boarder Line, Hollywood, NI Show with A.I.R Retrospective, 
  • Thailand 2014 Artist Residency, Surface Arts, Thailand Lectured in Chiang Mai University, Thailand Exhibition in Chiang Mai Art Museum, Thailand Painting in Northern Ireland Arts Council Collection. (Currently in traveling exhibition location at point in Brussels) 
  • 2013 Degree show, University of Ulster 
  • Belfast 2011 Self-Run Exhibition Titanic Quarter Drawing Offices, Belfast ‘The Rising’ 


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