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My work

“John Wiltshire paints from real life sources often found in and around the landscape. The animals and objects chosen often relate to traditional or forgotten folk stories and tales. His studio is filled with different species of dead bee, display cases full of found objects and oil paint, the studio like his canvases become a space to investigate the heritage of the natural world and the ancient stories related to the landscape. Focusing on natural history and storytelling he presents images which are dense in meaning but open to interpretation. The painting of images from ancient tales encourages us to consider the superstitions of the past as a way of exploring and grounding ourselves in the places we live."

Ashley Gallant, The Collection Lincoln & Usher Gallery


About me

I currently live and work in Folkestone, Kent. 

I am new to this town and am currently exploring and discovering new subjects and locations, researching and evolving and meeting new artists and artworks thanks to the Folkestone Triennial and Creative Quarter. I also have visited Venice for the last 4 or 5 Biennialles which informs my practice and introduces me to many new influences. 

I often collect or make objects which occasionally become source material for paintings. Sometimes they are purely functional such as a recent cedar cabinet in which to house my collection of spider hunting wasp specimens and folklore objects.

Growing up in a very small village in East Sussex gave me an introduction to the passions and eccentricities of collecting and collectors. My father had this obsession and never threw anything useful away and accumulated all manner of items which occasionally paid dividends in being just the right thing for the job in hand. Painting to me feels very much like this.



Awards & Achievements 

  • Awarded Opem 3, The Collection Lincoln & Usher Gallery, 15 works selected by Mark Leckey (2008 Turner Prizewinner) & Jess Flood Paddock, presentation seminar 2014.
  • Awarded A Husk of Hares, Arts Council touring exhibition, 23 commissioned works touring galleries in Cambridge, March, Wisbech and Ely, Cambridgeshire 2013.
  • Royal Watercolour Society Contemporary Watercolour; Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer 1st Prize 2006, Daler Rowney 1st Prize 2008.
  • Awarded Year of the Artist (YotA ref:638) 2000-2001

Recent Exhibitions

  • Bankside Gallery, Royal Watercolour Society Contemporary Watercolour, Bankside, London
  • Rye Art Gallery & Stormont Studios, Rye, East Sussex
  • Byard Art Gallery, Cambridge


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