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About me

My name is Laura Greenway and I’m an artist and illustrator based in Basingstoke. When I’m not painting I can usually be found in Basingstoke’s pop up gallery ‘That Gallery’, where I both have my work on display and help to sell other local artist’s work. As well as working at the gallery, I also work for Lush cosmetics where I enjoy spending my day surrounded by brightly coloured and great smelling products. 

Whilst my artwork is primarily based around expressing emotions through painting, I also use my artistic skills to design fun and cute tattoos, which I enjoy getting added to my growing collection of body art. I also enjoy reading art theory books and essays and discovering new ways of expanding my practice. 



My work

Through the use of expressionistic painting, my work explores the concepts surrounding mental illness, documenting my own experiences with both the highs and lows of living with a mental health problem. I communicate my battle using the paint as an outlet of expression, making gestural marks and creating different textures that convey a sense of what it feels like to be consumed by panic and fear or, contrastingly, the highs felt during a manic episode. A large influence on my practice, I also explore art as therapy, drawing on therapeutic techniques such as mindfulness (a psychological practice similar to some forms of mediation) to express myself whilst creating. In addition to this, I explore and examine colour theory and colour therapy in relation to my work, analysing the significance of colour and its association with different emotions.
I use my painting as a way of coping with my anxiety and depression and I hope to inspire other sufferers of mental illness to try art as a way of escaping – I also aim to create a dialogue about mental illness, starting up a conversation about an often taboo subject, and consequently helping to reduce the stigma that can surround it. 



  • Proteus Creation Space, Basingstoke
  • That Gallery, Basingstoke
  • Free Space Gallery gardens, Kentish town, London.


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