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Three words best describe my work: light, texture, colour. In each painting, their emphasis might change, sometimes focusing on the effect of light on texture, sometimes colour on light. I use a variety of approaches to achieve this, but always begin each piece with an underpainting in large loose brushstrokes in either a complementary colour or one close to the palette of the overall painting to unite the tones in the finished work. I build up each piece in blended layers of paint in different thicknesses applied either with the tip of a heavily-loaded brush to create a stiff texture or the end of a square flat brush to create a sense of distant abstracted buildings or natural features. I paint wet-in-wet to give the feel of reflected light by dragging the brush through the paint, ending in blended brushwork. Scraping back the paint also reveals passages of colour underneath that provide a contrast to the overall colour tying the piece together. I use a restricted palette which enables me to create harmony and balance, although I do add a hint of a contrasting tone to create high points within a work.

When starting a new piece, I make preliminary rough sketches of a real setting to seal an emotional response to it in my mind, but I don’t refer to these when painting and what appears on the canvas is an impression of place that culminates in an abstracted landscape. Catalonia and Wales have beautifully contrasting light that provides such a great range of colours, moods and temperatures to reflect in my work, from bright, bold colours full of intensity to a lighter, more ethereal feel. I tend to paint on large-scale canvases which provide a perfect support for the sense of perspective and narrative I want to create.



About me

My family moved about a lot when I was growing up, so I’ve always been fascinated by other cultures. I was born in Germany, where I spent my early childhood, before living in the UK, the USA in my teens and then back to the UK. After university, I went to live in Madrid, where I worked in publishing. It was while living here that I fell in love with the work of Valencian artist Joaquin Sorolla. His portrayal of light and how it dances on water, clothing and skin is mesmerising and this is where my fascination with light and colour began. After five years in Madrid, I moved to Barcelona, where, as well as working with my (Welsh) husband as a Catalan translator, I trained as a textile artist. I learnt the craft of traditional Catalan textured wall-hangings using materials such as silk, jute and cotton, and sold through an artists’ cooperative in Barcelona’s old textile quarter. Back in the UK, I had a textile studio in Devon from where I sold work and undertook commissions, but decided to make the move to oils as they had been tempting me for quite a while.

I now live in Cardiff where I paint abstracted landscapes and seascapes and use my experiences and impressions of Catalonia and the wider Spain, together with the Welsh coast and the Brecon Beacons, as inspiration for my work. I have had work in galleries in Cardiff, Bristol, Reading and Penarth, exhibited at the Windsor, Reading and Chelsea Contemporary Art Fairs and recently donated a piece for the exhibition at the Mall Galleries in aid of the Sierra Leone Ebola survivors. Following my solo show in October 2015, I was invited to join the South Wales Painters Association and we have two group shows scheduled, one in December and one in July 2017 in Cardiff.

Outside art, my passions include languages: I still practise my Catalan and Spanish, and I do what I can to keep my German going. The next languages I’d like to learn are Welsh, to get a greater understanding of my adopted home, and Danish, as I’m a huge fan of Scandinavian crime writing and dramas. And that’s my other passion: reading. When I’m not painting, I’m usually lost in a good book, where my tastes are very broad, and being married to a crime writer means I’m never short of something to read.



Liz was one of the featured artists in the launch edition of Inside Artists magazine.

Her work also appeared in the second edition of the magazine.


  • Reading Contemporary Art Fair, April 
  • Penarth Pier Pavilion, First Open Art Exhibition, May
  • Clifton Fine Art, Bristol, Summer Exhibition
  • Boundary Art, Cardiff, Flow Exhibition
  • Solo Exhibition, Giles Gallery, Pontyclun, October-November
  • Artscope Gallery, Reading, October 2015-October 2016
  • Windsor Contemporary Art Fair, November
  • Mall Galleries, Exhibition in aid of Sierra Leone Ebola Survivors, December
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