Current work on sale: Matthew Fox


Work: Urban Foxes Series

Using a combination of his degree in photography and his love for street art Matt has set out to introduce the uniquely British phenomenon that is the Fox into his urban photography in a brash yet charming way, combining black and white photography with metallic spray paint. 

Giving the viewer the fleeting feeling of not being sure who owns the space the Foxes have now taken over, in a time where people are divided in the debate of them being hunted. 

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About Me

I've been taking photography seriously now since around 2007 after finding I could not capture what I wanted on a simple compact camera I saved up for months working in a camera shop on saturdays until I could afford my first SLR camera a NIKON D50.

4 years later I've now completed my degree in Photography and have been building my photographic and artist portfolio by taking part in numerous exhibitions across the country.  

I started building this website to help other artists and along with my fellow co-founder Charlotte Johnson where we shall promote and advance our artists one exhibition at a time throughout the UK, whilst providing promotional services alongside our online galleries.

'Preparing for Exhibit Here's Art Maze Exhibition at BARGEHOUSE, OXO TOWER WHARF 16th - 20th December 2015'

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