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I first started taking photographs in my early twenties using an old film camera, as this was before the days of digital. A few years ago I resurrected my interest in photography and decided to take an A' level in photography at Guildford College. There I did a lot of work in black and white and learned dark room film processing techniques.

I have also taken part in evening classes and workshops in specialist areas of photography. These days I use a Nikon D7000 digital camera and have experimented with different techniques and effects in Photoshop. My portfolio is now quite extensive and covers a range of subjects.

My career in horticulture initially inspired me to take a lot of images of plants and flowers; however, now I prefer street and urban photography. I have always enjoyed travelling and now I travel with the intention of embracing the culture and extending my portfolio of images.

In New Zealand I was able to capture some amazing landscapes and seascapes. In Hong Kong there were fantastic urban scapes.

In Marrakesh and Venice I loved the vibrant colours and it is some of these images I have chosen to share with you. These images particularly lend themselves to my style of work. 



About me

I am a Hampshire based amateur photographer who enjoys taking a range of subjects. 

I work in a local garden centre where I look after the trees and shrubs. I enjoy all the different forms, colours and textures of the plants and creating displays, to encourage sales, allows me to use my creative talents.

 In my spare time I enjoy walking when it is fine and baking when the weather is wet!


Allen Gallery, Alton (Solo Exhibition)

Petersfield, Hampshire (Joint Exhibition) 



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