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"I am a free spirit who likes to travel and discover the world: both seen and unseen. 
I let my dreams guide me in both my life and my work."


My work

I am fascinated by colours - the way they influence us, their ability to transform the world and the magic they create if combined in the right ways. 

I like abstract painting because it gets to the core of things and gives me the freedom to express myself in the purest way possible. I love to experiment and play. 

I use all the materials I get my hands on and I like to watch them get transformed into small universes on canvas.



•BA in Cinematography, photography and media, Cluj-Napoca, 2010

•BA in Geography and Letters, Cluj-Napica , Romania, 2007


•Open Arts Cafe, London, 2017

•Tim's Apparents, Skopje, Macedonia, 2016

•Brixton Library, London, 2015

•RADA, London- portrait photography group exhibition, 2013 


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