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My work

Hackett’s work is process driven, intervention and appropriated, where the making of the work is as important as the finished piece, where the humour is as important as the serious, and subsequently his practice can lead down many mediums, working in paint, print, projection, multi-media and sculpture; his works mainly orbit the figurative and the landscape, focusing on the use of negative space.

Redacting or enhancing the pastoral, intervening in the work to disorientate our perspective view as he transforms the idyllic. Famous places, picturesque works of art, objects and shapes we all recognise are adapted and adjusted by Hackett’s hand.

Oil and acrylic paint is daubed and swirled, lacquers and enamels are floated and smoothed, palette knives, wallpaper scrapers, squeegees as well as traditional printing presses and rollers are all part of his paint/ink application process.



About me

Hackett is an award-winning advocate of art, heritage, culture and tourism, having managed and developed hundreds of cultural visitor attractions during his career, he is currently studying a Fine Art BA (Hons) at De Montfort University.

Hackett was born in Leicester, has lived in Bristol, Cambridge and Farnham and now works and resides back in the Heart of England in Hinckley.




  • Public Views - Art Factory - 2015/16
  • Private Views - Art Factory - 2015
  • Beneath the Surface - Mill Studios - 2014/15


  • Figures & Faces - Fusion Art Gallery - 2016
  • Open 27 - New Walk Museum & Art Gallery - 2016
  • Expect the Unexpected - Vivid Arts - Phoenix Arts - Cultural Exchange Week - 2016
  • Kink - Curve - 2016
  • Out in the Open part i – De Montfort University Campus Lobby - 2015
  • Out in the Open part ii - The Lightbox at LCB Depot - 2015
  • Dilettantes of Art - The Exchange - 2015
  • L.O.V.E. Art - The Leicester Open Variant Exhibition - Firebug - 2015


  • Finalist - Figures & Faces - Fusion Art Gallery - 2016
  • Curator/Creator of L.O.V.E. Art the Leicester Open Variant Exhibition;  
  • Artist Assistant to Gillian Adair McFarland. 


  • Experiment RK - Arts Council Funded, Artist Led Project - 2015

Talks & Lectures

  • Art Workshop and Tour; South Korea Sunny - Makers Yard / Art Factory / Mill Studios / Embrace Arts - 2015


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