ART FOX DEBUT | Ply Gallery | September 8th - 19th 2017

View of Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre, Crouch End, London  Copyright Matt Fox Photography 2017 



We hosted our first exhibition Friday 8th to Wednesday 19th September 2017 at the Ply Gallery, Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre in London.

We celebrated two years of being an online gallery with old and new Artists and friends. This was our first, live art exhibition featuring over 30 artworks. The extraordinary talent and creativity of the Artists exhibiting represent a broad range of Artistic styles and disciplines.

The exhibition; Art Fox Debut, was an eclectic mix of floral sculpture, vibrant prints, evocative paintings and bold moving image.

Charlotte Johnson and Matthew Fox, who graduated with degrees in Fine Art and Photography from UCA Farnham, built Art Fox to help artists exhibit and promote their work to a wider audience. Art Fox believe’s that art should be accessible to everyone. 

The Art Fox network is growing rapidly and in its first two years of business has done extremely well.

Gordon M Scott, a noted artist himself, says, “ArtFox is a creative partnership which goes from visionary strength to strength. One side understands painterly expression and vibrancy of palette. The other side photography and design. So what better way to establish any enterprise for creatives seeking platforms and exposure?”

Looking into the near future now after our debut exhibition we hope to continue to exhibit and shall be hosting a series of potential YouTube videos, exhibition blog reviews and more. We'd like to have a second live exhibition in 2018, but early 2019 if not.

Watch this space . . . 

"Such a broad range of practices, nicely spaced out"

"This art deco building is amazing, great light in this room which has been very well considered when curating this exhibition"

"Lovely lay out, great that it's not clumped together like some group shows can be."

The Private View...

We feel that we have a strong community within Art Fox, we are all friends as well as Artists. Some met in person for the first time in 2 years and it felt like we all already knew each other. It was a really lovely feeling.

Artist Laura Greenway performed her art piece " " where she stood in the centre of the gallery, eyes closed, dressed in white clothing inviting people to draw on her something they have touched today. It was a really tender and thought provoking piece to partake in, almost like an ice breaker - it really opened all of our minds even further during the Private View creating new and in-depth conversations about art.

We saw some very familiar faces at the Private View, including some of my closest friends who travelled up all the way from West Sussex, which was lovely. Some of our newer Artists travelled from all over spanning as far as Manchester and Liverpool, and a bit further down South with Folkestone and Essex.

It was great to have all our Artists in one place interacting with each other.

Thank you all again for your ongoing support and belief in Art Fox.

Here's to the next exhibition!


Visitor comments...

"Love the depth of detail in Gerard McGregor's work. The blue painting reminds me of holidays."

"I've been to Venice many times, this piece is very nostalgic. I love the colours used in Michael Ward's work, it feels like I'm right back there."

"The flower sculptures by Adam Hogarth are my favourite because they're so colourful and happy. I really want to touch and talk to them!"

"I love the foxes in Matt Fox's work, they're obviously up to mischief in this piece. They're such great, British animals."

"Roger Mortimer's work has so much depth to it, I love how the light catches parts of the fireworks in 'Battersea'"

"Kath Durkin's frames are stunning, they really complete the work. Her technique and inspiration is really unique and I love the colours."

"Sylvia Batycka's work really drew me in, it's very mysterious so I ended up gazing at this one for quite a while."

"Really liked the little details in Anarkali Check's drawing, the seat felt very homely and nostalgic."

"Charlotte Johnson's quaint floral painting is really lovely, something quite romantic about it."

"Greg Meade's work reminds me of somewhere I've been before, though I can't quite place where, it has a very familiar air to it."

"Cat Smith's drawings are beautiful, so much detail. I could stare at them for hours."

"Morwenna Lake's work struck a sentimental emotion in me, there's something about that lighthouse and the dramatic waves."

"I loved Mark Lloyd's Meta Modern Snail, it was really playful and the colours are fab!"


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