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Materiality is central to my practice - the physical matter of substance is my motive when confronted with a flat surface waiting to be transformed into something more than a painting. Material is loaded and smothered onto the surface where it then speaks for itself through the adventures it takes on across the surface. Accidental moments become present in the work where control is lost and material then has the power to take over.
The recent paintings are a true reflection of moments experienced in the studio, both calm and chaotic. Immediacy is captured through the vigorous actions and gestures that have taken place; the marking of gesture has the ability to capture a live moment that can never be repeated. 

My paintings are not painted; instead I aim to build a surface rather than to paint one. 
I am forced to go against traditions in painting through unusual methods of experiment, expression and play. As Robert Ryman revealed, ‘The basic problem is what to do with paint.’ The works stand between both painting and sculpture in their three-dimensional and tactile relief surface quality.

The accumulation of material is evident in many of the paintings where in others the surface is made visible due to chance, and what object has been used. 
I am endlessly fascinated by the moments that occur outside of the final painting itself where further elements that are created during the making process; what exists from the surface becomes a deeper interest and is then left to exist as an sculpture in its own right. What material has the potential to do, how each behaves and how marks can be created through use of non-traditional implements. 



My main interest lies in how different qualities of material interact with each other after I have made my mark. I hope to surprise the viewer through the use of both traditional and unconventional materials in order to create texture. 

The work is seen as precious, but remaining both industrious and seductive – avoiding being anything other than what it is. Living in an age of overwhelming new media, the physical and expressive activity of painting itself is an escape from the world at large.

The qualities of chosen material allows me to process the world through my own language to create new abstract imagery, leaving representation behind and allowing the viewer to see and experience what they desire. Painting something that already exists is no longer necessary in a contemporary age. ​ 

- Becky King 2017




  • 2017 CODA Graduate Show, School of Art and Design, Guildford Street, Luton 
  • 2016 Beyond the Surface, University of Bedfordshire, Park Square, Luton 
  • 2016 Concrete Dreams, School of Art and Design, Guilford Street, Luton 
  • 2015 Exhibition of Art and Craft, Harlington Village Hall, Sundon Road, Harlington, Bedfordshire 
  • 2015 Music Poster, School of Art and Design, Guilford Street, Luton 
  • 2015 Get Critical, School of Art and Design, Guilford Street, Luton 
  • 2014 Rue Britannia, The Sketchbook Project


Recent fine art graduate living in Bedfordshire

2017 Vice Chancellors Award 

2014 Outstanding Studentship Level 3 (Fine Art) 

2014 Outstanding Achievement BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art & Design (Fine Art)


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