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Being an artist makes you look at the world differently. You become more aware of your surroundings. You look at the beautiful colours forms and feelings that emanate from your experience and the sense of places that are all around us
My paintings are intuitive, evoke my experience and memories and come from within me I respond using colour and my loose style of painting, and using my feelings to create drama, emotion and passion and a sense of place, a presence of a remembered experience. although some bear references to certain places or views that I have visited or caught a fleeting glance of when travelling, All of my paintings are about my interpretation of the world around me and what has stayed with me from what I have experienced while being immersed in the world as an artist.

The paintings in mixed media are on canvas, paper or board with vibrant colours or in strong mono tone to enhance the image to create work that is true to the feeling of the moment. From The restless sea and coastal drama, the beauty of the patterned landscape of the countryside, the ever changing tones of the season s light and weather, the stillness misty mornings and moon lit nights, and the urban vistas, it is always alive and vibrant. , the pulsating and frantic. Or the power of a raging storm.


About me

I have always been an artist from a very early age and watching my father paint I began to learn the rudiments of painting and drawing imaging worlds and play until it became what I do.

My love of art, sculpture and drawing grew stronger and indeed turned into a career.  I went to Cheltenham Art College in Gloucestershire and gained a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art Sculpture. For the last 20 years I have supported myself as an Artist working in the London area, on art projects, painting murals and being artist in residence at schools and children's centres. I have had many successful exhibitions throughout the South East area, I have clients who collect my work throughout the UK and have exhibitions regularly in London and Kent.



  • Nucleus Arts Centre-Chatham
  • Marle Place Gardens & Gallery-Tonbridge
  • Creek Creative Arts Centre-Faversham


  • I have been accepted for many open art exhibitions and have won awards for work at the London City Airport Open.
  • I am a selector for Bexley Arts Trust Open Art, a judge for Gravesham Art Society for the Open Art competitions and in the past been on section panels for shows in east Greenwich and Woolwich 
  • I have given demonstrations to the University of the Third Age, local art club, the Women’s Institute and Age Concern.
  • I have participated in demonstrations for public and painting murals at events.
  • I have taken part in outdoor shows tutoring for private student s both adult and children, art groups and in schools.


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