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My work

I create my designs from paper by cutting them from a single sheet, or by collage. Bold lines and shapes, often in the form of silhouettes, are seen in all my pieces. The simplicity of a shape which, without texture or shading, can still be descriptive is what makes silhouettes so intriguing. My work also often includes typography, either flowing within the lines and shapes or in the form of a calligram. My papercut work is often commissioned - the inclusion of text lends itself well to bespoke, personalised artwork, artwork for musicians and storybook illustrations. Unsurprisingly, these are some of the things I am inspired by. The artists that make me happiest are illustrators and I love to spend time immersed in music, films, tv and books. My favourite genres being, fantasy, sci-fi, and folk and fairytales. All these things inform the way I work and the style I've found myself producing.


About me

My home in New Ash Green, Kent houses myself, my husband, our two young children and my living room studio.

I trained in Theatre Design and worked as a set designer, scenic painter and mural artist before I discovered papercutting.

As well as being an artist I also have ambitions as a writer and dreams as a musician. 


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