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My Work

I work across different media - painting, drawing, ceramics, collage. I am interested in making figurative works, often attempting them from different approaches. Themes evolving through my work are related to identity, gender and nomadism, on many occa- sions directly exploring female identity and sexuality. I combine traditional and innova- tive techniques constructing my own language of expression. 

Here with Art Fox I present two series of my works.“Twisted nude” series - black and white original carbon drawings on semi-translucent pergamenta paper. These works are the tribute to female form, a nod towards Egon Schiele and Toulouse Lautrec influenced by Japanese shunga erotic illustration.“Hybrid Woman” is the set of analogue collages where fashion, female figure, suspense and humour come together. Fun in character at times they reveal darker undertones upon closer look.



About Me

I was born in Kraków and I live in London now - those two great cities form my universe. I love roaming free south of the river and merging into the cultural melting pot. Most of my time is dedicated to art - making it, seeing it, reading about it. 

After many years of practicing life drawing I am just about to start tutoring on life drawing classes myself - very excited about this new chapter in my life. Somehow I combine passion for books with passion for fitness. I would love to live with a cat.



  • SUBTITLES CAFÉ, Dalston, London 
  • Kawiarnia Naukowa, Kraków, Poland


  • EWAAC (2014) East meets West competition (UK and Japan), two works shortlisted 
  • British Women Artists (2013)Annual UK art competition for women artist, shortlisted 
  • The Brix, London, 1st prize (2010)Annual art competition in Lambeth Borough



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