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About me

I currently live in Maidstone, Kent.

 I care full time for both my children and my mother, which gives me appreciation of the simple things in life. 

Other passions of mine, other than my family are art, reading and walking, all of which I can get lost in. I love how you can pick up a book or view a piece of art or walk along a hill top and find yourself transferred into another world just by your own imagination. 


My work

Vikki is an Kent artist based in Maidstone and Medway, her work is an exploration of how the defined boundaries of art and science have become blurred in contemporary practices.

A fascination with cosmology and planetary science forms the basis for much of her subject matter and content of her work but she also find fascination in human relationships and interactions, like those tender moments we share.

Vikki enjoys to experiment with different mediums in contrasts to create pieces of work in both a 2D and 3D format.



  • Hand Of Artist: organizing/curating/exhibiting
  • Art Teacher, Home Education, Nucleus Arts
  • K.A.N, Running/organising, Around Kent


  • Nucleus Arts Gallery, Medway
  • Maidstone Museum, Maidstone
  • Royal Engineers Museum, Medway
  • Nucleus Arts Gallery, Rochester
  • The Beaney Frount Room, Canterbury
  • St Andrews, Dartford
  • Pie Factory, Margate
  • What If Gallery, Dartford
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