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I am a contemporary acrylic artist and a qualified interior designer. I like abstraction and use different mediums. I am diverse in art styles and like the 20th century artists, Klee, Kandinsky , Monet, Braque, Picasso and Warhol to name a few. I like to create my art to music, when working acrylic flow painting, which is an exciting mix of texture, feeling the paint dance on the canvas, finding its way, its spirit, connecting different shapes and colours. 

As an interior designer, I can create abstract canvas which matches room colours. I also produced pop art celebrity portraits, montage, and low relief sculpture but more recently have been developing different techniques in abstract designs..


About Me

I was born and live in Gravesend, Kent. I work part time, for a property maintenance company in Greenhithe. Being a successful artist and sharing my creations with the rest of the world is my main goal. I have a home studio in my flat in Gravesend, which is my favourite place. I like to get involved with local artists and support local community projects. I am a member of Gravesham Arts, the society for all artists, What if Gallery ,Dartford, and have many friends involved in the art scene at medway. 

My music is important to me and my guitar is a prize possession . I have always been a creative person, in my younger years writing poetry and making stone plaster models from rubber moulds to sell at craft fairs. I look forward to retirement and just having the time to just paint and paint! 




  • What If Gallery, Dartford 
  • What If Pop Up Shop, Bluewater, Dartford 
  • Hand of Artists, Bernies Chocolate Bar, Margate  
  • Hand of Artists, Nucleus Arts, High St, Chatham 
  • Gravesham Arts, St Andrews Art Centre, Gravesend 


I presented and curated , Sound and Vision, an art exhibition, combining, eight artists with work in the gallery with a musical theme, including myself, live music performers, and poetry reading. 



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