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My work

Will Hunt’s sculptures are instantly recognisable by their purity and simplicity. Admirers of his work describe it as beautiful, benign and uplifting. 

A lifelong fascination with birds and the outdoors influences Will’s choice of subject matter. He strives to distill each subject to its essence and creates elegant curves and crisp lines using a variety of media, including wood, resin, concrete, plaster and aluminium.  

Will doesn’t restrict himself to using a particular material. Instead he selects the best material to enhance the design of each sculpture. 

His abstract ‘Bird in flight’ series presently includes two sculptures, Fernweh and Halcyon. He designed both sculptures to complement the contemporary environment of Art Scope Gallery in Circle Reading hospital where they’re currently displayed. The birds nestle beautifully in the dramatic space afforded by the modern hospital atrium.

Will is now working on a series of elegant sculptures, inspired by the female form, ready to exhibit this summer at outdoor exhibitions in Henley and Windsor. 


About me

Following his studies at Central Saint Martins, William first pursued a career in product design. In the early years, he was drawing designs by hand. In later years he used CAD technology to create 3D drawings. He’s always produced his own design prototypes and has an exceptional eye for detail.  

When he’s not walking in the woods or mountains, you’ll find Will making things in his workshop. Since he was a young boy, he’s enjoyed working alongside his father, making things like radio-controlled cars, toboggans, and kites. 

After designing and building his own rowing boat in his forties, Will turned his hand to woodturning and woodcarving. His first woodcarving projects included a large oak leaf in oak and a galloping horse in yew. Will soon realised that he was being drawn more to creating unique, artistic objects than consumable products. So he gradually began creating indoor sculpture made from wood. Now he sculpts full-time, working in a variety of materials. 

In 2015 Will began working with malleable materials, like jesmonite, allowing him to create sleek sculptures with sharp lines and graceful curves. His unique blend of engineering and artistic skills has enabled him to not only design distinctive works of art, but to also create them single-handedly. After producing the initial designs for his ‘Bird in flight’ sculpture series, he created the multi-piece fibreglass moulds that enable him to create an entire flock of birds in different sizes. Thus allowing art lovers to effectively create their own ‘Bird in flight’ display, adapting their installation to the space they have available. The bird sculptures look equally stunning displayed individually, in pairs and in formation. 

Will is an outdoor person, who appreciates nature. He feels most creative spending time in the woods and enjoys long, muddy walks with his wife in Burnham Beeches and the Chilterns. His sculpture is his hushed response to the tranquillity he finds there.



Awards & achievements

  • Will Hunt is a member of the Oxford Sculptors Group. 
  • Art Scope Gallery in Circle Reading hospital in Reading, Berkshire -which is a permanent exhibition, displaying Fernweh and Halcyon
  • Haslams Estate Agents in Reading, Berkshire - have displayed 'Fernweh' and 'Halcyon' in the store front for 6 weeks from 16th April 2016.


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