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About me

I am a full time university student currently studying a foundation degree in visual communication at University of the arts Rochester. Before my foundation degree I studied fine art at A-level for two years and now I am focusing on my drawing skills and illustrative work, I also have A-levels in psychology and science. After the completion of my foundation I will be going on to start a degree in fine art at the end of the year.

In 2014 I attended two weeks work experience at Flaming art tattoo and have now been part of the studio over a year. The two weeks work experience was my first insight into the world of tattooing and ever since I've been eager on becoming a tattooist. This year I will begin training as an artist continuing my training throughout my degree. Alongside this I work part time at Bluewater gaining the experience into not doing your dream job.

I'm lucky enough to be the owner of two classic Volkswagen beetles. I currently have a 1968 beetle project that I am due to start this year alongside my daily 1972 1303. This year I want to get my 1972 out to more shows in Kent so far its spent more time being worked on then driving it. I am also part of a Volkswagen called 'paintscrapers' and attend regular monthly club meetings. The cars are the pain of my life but I wouldn't change them for the world, no matter how impractical they are. 



My work

As an artist I have always seen the benefit of realistic drawing and painting. Creating art from photographs lets me focus intently on detail letting me take control of the images outcome, as an artist I am not restricted in my creations.

My work is driven by the traditional methods of art sourcing inspiration from hyperrealist painters and illustrators. When seeking inspiration for projects I enjoy replicating the work of other artists before creating my own. By doing this it enables me to truly understand the depth of their work helping me develop my own ideas. After two years of fine art I decided to specialise in visual communication for my foundation, helping me to improve on my drawing skills, focusing on developing illustration rather than continuing within my comfort zone. I have begun experimenting with different topics and mediums such as screen printing and typography.

In my spare time I enjoy drawing superheroes and movie characters in the styles of hyperrealism. I have been illustrating just over a year now, most of my drawings are done using colouring pencils as they are good at creating high saturation of colour and tone. As an artist my practice overall is not secluded to one medium, I embrace a combination of mediums to develop my own style.


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